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4 Amazing yoga poses for “HAIR GROWTH”

Want to know??? how due to yoga poses we can able to prevent hair fall…..

As we see growing pollution,many facial difficulties we face. Hair loss is the biggest problem is not only in girl’s life but also in boy’s too. Many of us try a lot of hair products,they go to parlour for this solution, but have you ever tried yoga poses that will helps you to grow your hair.

As due to yoga poses we get rid of fats, anxiety and many more things,so due to all these things it is also possible to grow your hair. As we all know long hair looks us young,so it is very important.



This asana helps you to increase blood circulation in the head. This asana helps you to improve digestion. Sarvangasana keeps the flexibility in the body specially in spine. It also improves the functioning of ovaries. It also helps to reduce fatigue and through all these benefits it also proves that this asana prevents hairfall.


a. First we have to lay down with support of back and breathe normally.

b. Then put your legs up and take rest to your body.

c. Hand will support your body and also your spine.

d. Your legs Should be straight and it will helps to reduce hair fall.


This asana is said to be a difficult pose because as you see in the above picture. Someone can do this yoga when you are totally ready for this to do. Through this asana you come out of your stress and it also calms your mind. This asana also helps to improve cardio vascular and brain circulation too,so through this it prevents hairfall. It’s a natural treatment for hairfall. It also strengthens shoulders and arms.


a. In this asana, we have to put head down in such a situation that whole weight of body should be on head.

b. You should not supposed to do this asana just after eating your meal.

c. You should perform this asana under supervision.

d. This is one of the best yoga for hair growth.


This asana releives lower back pain. It also stretches the ankles,thighs abdomen and chest. It improves the flexibility in the body. It stretches and strengthens the shoulder and back. It also opens the chest and improves respiration power.


a. To perform this asana, you should stand on support of knees.

b. Keep your head back side and try to look back.

c. Try slowly to bend backward with your hand and touch your feet.


This asana tends to be a very basic gesture to relax and calms your mind and soul. It is a very good asana for digestion. Due to this asana hair loss can be reduced and it also helps to glow skin. It also helps to cure diabetes and asthama. It also helps you to weight loss and cures many disorders.


a. You have to sit in a position that your head , neck and shoulder should be straight.

b. Place your hands on legs and eyes should be closed and relax.

c. You have to take deep inhale and exhale.

d. Do it for atleast 10 times

e. This is the best yoga pose for hair growth.

By regular doing this above asanas ,one can able to reduce hair fall to a great extent.

Thank you!


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