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APPLE : wholesome benefits

During this pandemic, everybody is concern related to immune system. We have to be physically and mentally strong to deal in this circumstances.

There are many fruits which helps you to boost you immune power .APPLE is considered one of those fruits.


Studies have shown that Apple is one of the healthiest fruit you can find. Apple is one of the fruit containing fibres loaded with vitamin C. Apple is a sweet ,crispy and tangy fruit which is able to control and to fight with many diseases. We can eat apple regularly as on diet basis. We can say that Apple seems to be all in one fruit which also helps you to reduce weight,cure diseases. Apples can also be useful for lung strength. Apple contains huge amount of collagen and elastin which helps to glow skin. So it truly said that,


Apple can give you clear skin and reduces hair problem. Nowadays, people face many problems related to hair and skin ,due to this rapidly spreading pollution we are suffering….. Apple contains vitamin C if we eat apple on a regular basis so it will helps to glow skin and maintain long hair.

All in one fruit

If we talk about another benefits of apple, it includes:-

1. Apple helps to maintain good and healthy heart as it contains antioxidants.

2. Very few people know this fact that Apple helps to reduce weight.

3. Apple being a healthy fruit it also improves the digestion power.

4. Apple also helps to reduce Asthama , cancer and liver problems.

5. Apples are considered to reduce cholesterol and maintains blood sugar .

6. It contains vitamin c, so overall Apple is considered to boost our immune system, which is very important in today’s life.

Helps to glow skin


If you eat apples in night it can lead to gas problems and affects your intestinal areas. So avoid apple to eat at night. Perfect time to eat apple is either in MORNING or AFTERNOON.


The best way to keep your brain healthy is consuming brain healing foods. Apple leads to a quercetin, which is an antioxidant plant chemical that keeps your mental health by protecting your brain cells . Through this one can able to boost their memory power by eating one apple each day.

So I suggest you to eat apple everyday ,to remain healthy ,fit and disease free.

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