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Classical Dance V/S Western Dance : which is better?


Classical dance is a umbrella term for performances of its rooted in many styles. There are many types of Indian classical dance such as Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kathakali ,Manipuri,etc.  This dance form has been evolved from various regions. Their roots are same by Sanskrit word “natya Shastra “.Probably, various classical dance forms were originated from temples. By the time passes, many classical dance resulted into present day forms . Nowadays,  classical dance are very popular dance in the world.




Bharatnatyam has been considered to be the oldest form of classical dance which has been originated from Tamil Nadu .There are many performers from other countries who come to India to practice and learn Bharatnatyam. Through this dance form dancer show their devotion to the Hindu God and goddesses .Be it Bharatanatyam or other classical dance it helps to burn calories and improves mental health.


Kathak is originated from north India which comes in 6 Indian classical forms. It is originated from ancient Hindu temples. It is the only dance form which has Hindu and Muslim followers and entertainment ties. Kathak gives us many poses like hand movement, eye expressions. Once when you started dancing Kathak you will notice that you became more active and energetic.


Manipuri dance form is originated from Manipur. There are many varieties of Manipuri classical dance such as Raas, kartal cholam ,Dhola chulam,etc.  This kind of dance are very devotional and performed in many religious occasions. Manipuri is a dance form which covers various dance forms. Raasleela is also known as Manipuri dance ,originated from the state of Manipur.


Western dance are those which covers various dance forms or styles which is performed on western music and mostly associated with the American countries .Swig dance form is a type of Western dance originated in 1940 .There are many various styles of Western dance forms such as Salsa, hip hop,  tap dance,etc.  Bob wills has formed his own Western big band and created a genre of music . Nowadays people are more attracted towards Western dance from styles compared to Indian classical dance.



Tap dance is a form of dance style which uses sound of taps which is fixed to the heel and shoes. There are other styles of tap dance includes classical, modern ,rhythm tap ,etc. It is unique from other dance forms because of fast footwork.Dancer shoe and foot acts like a drum,and each part makes a particular beat and sound.


Contemporary dance is a style which expresses almost elements of many dance forms. Dancers  connect their whole mind and body through this dance movements .Aim of contemporary dance is to be provide range of movement and flexible possibilities. cunningham is known as father of contemporary dance. It is hard to learn from your own but once you learn contemporary it has many benefits for your body.


Belly dancing it is referred as expressive dance that has been originated in Egypt .It isolates muscles through twisting abdomen and movements. Saudi Arabia is the country which is the origin of belly dance. Belly dance is not harmful to us it is a great cardiovascular workout .It helps to work much of sweat and helps to burn many calories.

Indian classical dance and western dance both have their uniqueness and importance. Nowadays people are more attracted towards Western dance rather than classical because of its various forms and popularity. Classical and western dance has many health benefits too,due to  classical it enhances our soul and through Western style it enhances our whole parts of body.

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