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Easy Home workout tips for BEGINNERS

Meaning and benefits of doing Exercises:-


Exercises is a form of physical activity which has many benefits like strength and flexibility .Exercise is something where you can enhance physical and health fitness .Exercises helps you to lose weight and also helps to cure many diseases to extent level.Due to exercises it reduces many risk such as blood pressure obesity ,etc .we can say that walking is the most effective exercise. If you started doing any kind of exercise then don’t stop in middle it will effects to weaken your muscles it will also affect on breath as if you do less activity .we can also do swimming which is considered to be one of the effective exercise

Here are some workout tips for beginners:-

1. Squats

2. Push – ups

3. Crunches

4. Side plank

5. High knees


We can say that squat is a large and dynamic strength Exercise which requires muscles of your upper and lower body together. Due to squats you can boost your exercise performance. There are many benefits of squats which includes:-

a. Promotes athletic strength and ability.

b. Lowers risk of many injury.

c. It helps to strengthen muscles.

d. It also helps to burn calories.



Push – ups is a very common exercise begins with a prone position. Push ups is found to be very effective exercise for building strength. The important and exciting part is ,it doesn’t require any equipments. If you are looking for a consistent exercise , push ups is good for you. You can also add variety of push-ups for better results.

Tips to do push-ups:-

1. Keep your back straight and your core engaged.

2. Lie down in a position that your body should be of straight line.


We can say doing crunches is one of the popular abdominal exercises you can ever do. It will help you to build six packs and also tightens up your belly.

Some benefits of crunches are:-

a. It helps you to build muscle.

b. It is also a popular exercise to get six pack abs.

c. It helps to strengthens your muscles.


Through exercises like planks and crunches helps you to build six- pack muscle.side plank is one of the easiest way to work two layers of muscles along sides of your core .There are many health benefits of side plank are are:-

a. It helps to prevent your spine.

b. It helps to strengthen your core.

c. Reduce risk of back injury.


High knees will work for your apps. It enhances your core and improve your muscles of legs. It has many physical benefits which helps you to do variety of workouts .Some of its benefits are:-

1. It is very useful to build abs.

2. This exercise strengthens all the muscles of your legs.

3. It improves coordination and flexibility.

4. It is very useful for burning calories and helps to do weight loss.

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