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Top 4 amazing benefits of Almond oil on hair and face


Throughout history,almonds have maintained religious ethnic and social significance.Almonds are mentioned as far back in history as Bible. Many people eat almonds while travelling the ‘silk road’ between Asia and Mediterranean sea.


Almonds are popularly known as Badaam .Almonds can be beneficial in many forms such as almond oil ,milk ,etc. Almond oil is very beneficial for hair,skin,etc. Almond is very healthy as it contains vitamin E, calcium, potassium.Many Health benefits of almonds are:-

1. It improves brain power

2. It boost immune power

3. It helps to control blood pressure

4. It protects cancer and lowers cholesterol

5. Very good for hair and skin


1. Provides thick and smooth hair:-

Almond oil is loaded with the essential nutrients that consists of zinc as well as vitamin A .It gives us the thicker density and enables you to mix with other ingredients. Regular use of almond oil helps you to grow your hair fast and brings shine.

2. Prevents dandruff:-

As we all know that dandruff makes us so uncomfortable privately and publically too. It’s feel like shameful and ambarrasing. If you face this problem,you can massage your hair with almond oil ,so it removes dandruff effectively as it removes dead cells. It nourishes hair and reduces many problems.

3. Reduce split ends:-

Dirt, pollution and a very hectic schedule will make aur hair worse .Almond oil contains vitamin and minerals which helps to restore the roots. We can also mix olive oil and Almond castor in almond oil with same proportion and apply it once or twice a week.

4. It prevents hairfall:-

Nowadays people face many problems related to hair fall. It can occur due to multiple reasons. Almond oil arrests hairfall to a very great extent. You can do head home massage with warm Almond oil on hair so it prevents hair fall.


1. It prevents dark circles:-

Dark circles occurs due to many reasons such as stress,sleep ,etc. You just need to take few quantity of almond oil and massage properly under the eyes. It cures to a great extent.

2. Helps to lighten skin:-

Nowadays,as we see it became a major problem related to skin. Sweet almond oil is used for lighten up the skin. You can use Almond oil as cream and mosturizer to soothe your skin on night basis too.

3. Rich in vitamins:-

Almond is proved to be a nutrients which contains vitamin B and minerals too .The nutrients contains in almonds are very beneficial to prevent skin.

4. Smoothens skin :-

Almond oil is very beneficial for face as it’s use on face is a post acne treatment and helps to smooth skin. Sweet almond oil benefits our face as we can apply as a face mask and face treatment at home.


Which is your favourite benefit of almond oil?? Share your ideas with us








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